Let’s talk about SNOGGING!

26 Sep

Kiss the joy as it flies. Or SNOG, as this Covent Garden frozen yoghurt shop so brazenly demands. I love how straight to the point it is, how it tells its online readers that ‘Snogging in Dubai has started’, claiming that the Middle East is the hottest place to be snogging right now. Controversial after reading the horror story of the British couple being arrested for kissing in Dubai in April 2010, who lost their appeal after displaying offensive behaviour by kissing in a restaurant. An instance mirrored in the 2010 release of Sex and the City 2, where Samantha was being her provocative self in a restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

However, SNOG doesn’t mean to offend; it’s naively tongue in cheek. It’s low in GI, organic and fair-trade, buzz words designers like Stella McCartney have made it cool for young Covent Gardeners to look out for. It’s the scantily clad friend who charms your mum. It’s emphasis is on ‘healthy treat’, something which dieters in the 1980’s on their slim fasts would have simply scoffed at. However, for around 89 cals a bowl and a huge selection of mouth watering toppings ‘I can’t wait for my first snog!’


One Response to “Let’s talk about SNOGGING!”

  1. uNcArL November 2, 2010 at 4:31 am #

    care to share a snog? I’ll buy…heehee!

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