Covent Garden International Food Festival

28 Sep

This is one for the foodies.  With over 32 stalls offering a huge selection of speciality foods, there is something for everyone at the Covent Garden Food Festival.

Firstly, I was delighted by the McManus Oyster and Champagne stall. Who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to such delicacies on a Thursday afternoon, and at £4.50 for a glass of champers, it would be rude not to.

Why not visit the lavender stall for the insomniac in your life. Somewhat witchy, the fragrance of the lavender captures you as you walk past like a spell.

For lunch, the fresh pasta stall is divine. I was torn between that, and a salad stall with huge ceramic bowls filled with Greek salad, rainbow salad, fruit salad…

I sampled the pumpkin tortellini, and ended up choosing the spinach and ricotta (after much consideration), with tomato and fresh parmesan. Didn’t even care that I had to sit and eat it on the floor, and that it may have looked as though I was munching from a box of Best Kebab’s cheesy chips.

Couldn’t resist a trip to the cake stall. Giant fairy pillows made out of raspberry and vanilla meringue so pretty you’d rather fill a glass bowl with them in your kitchen than eat them… or maybe not.

The market also offers speciality foods, such as gluten-free cakes along with speciality cheeses.  The stall names are a winner, with ‘Crumbs and Doilies’, ‘Pie Minister’ and ‘The Garlic Farm’.

Last year the festival hosted an array of events, including the presentation of the worlds largest cupcake (where was I!?)

Foodies can look forward to a host of demonstrations and exciting events which will be carried out at the market for the remainder of 2010.

 Quaint, caring and wholesome, the market will be open every Thursday from 11am till 7pm until December 2010.


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