David’s acceptance speech gone to waste

28 Sep

A journalist’s dream, two brothers fighting for the place of Labour party leader finally comes to an end, as David Miliband accepts his defeat at the hands of his brother Ed.

David Miliband took to the stage this week to show pride in his brothers’ success in beating him to party leader.

David made no secret of the fact that he had been completely been caught off guard as he cockily declared that he had already written his acceptance speech as well as several first leader draft speeches.


David spoke of the support from fellow Labour party members,

“That’s life. So to those of you who have been coming up to me in the last few days – don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” (According to the Guardian’s Hélène Mulholland)

However he told delegates that he was “honored and humbled” by the support he’d received.


David told supporters, “I am so proud of my party. But above all I am incredibly proud of my brother”. (According to the Guardian’s Hélène Mulholland)

It has not yet been revealed whether David will stand for election to serve in Ed’s shadow cabinet. Former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott told ITV’s Daybreak that he hoped David would stay on in frontline politics.

Diane Abbott also said that she believes David will remain successfully in the Labour cabinet alongside his brother, as told to BBC Radio 4’s World at One.

David needs to decide by Wednesday afternoon whether he chooses to stay in frontline politics.


Both brothers call to an end of the drama seen over the previous weeks, which David likened to a “soap opera.”

Ed claims that there is no ‘psycho drama’ with his brother, and confirms that the two brothers have remained close throughout the conquest.


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