“Stark Raving Bonkers!”

16 Oct

Watching Boris Johnson at Mayor’s Question Time on Wednesday was like watching a small, slightly naughty child discussing the cities problems.

If he didn’t like something he would refuse to answer. I am surprised he didn’t stick his tongue out and wiggle his hands by his ears.

Boris, who I will affectionately refer to as ‘Bozza’ was a treat. For what could have been three hours of slightly tiresome discussion on the problems with the underground etc, Bozza entertained.  


Green party politician Darren Johnson rightly complained about the city’s pollution, and high amount of road congestion.  Bozza half heartedly said “I’m not saying we can make it work”. Johnson challenged Bozza, “Sometimes we make promises we can’t follow through”, and Bozza replied “Speak for yourself!” Not quite sure what Boz meant by that, and I don’t think he quite knows either.

Labour politician John Bigg’s put forward the controversial Olympic route diversion issue. Clearly annoyed by the Londoner’s affected by the decision, Bigg’s accused Bozza, “So you don’t really give a stuff about the people of East London”.

When Labour politician Nicky Gavron questioned Bozza as to why he had created such low targets for 17 boroughs he accused her of being “completely and utterly wrong”.

“This is complete drivel and I think you should be ashamed of yourself”, said Boz. This led to chair Dee Doocey accusing Bozza of bordering on bullying.

Boz took the typical Conservative comeback of refusing to answer questions and blamed Labour for the current economic crisis, although this had very little to do with his failed promises.


Labour politician Jeanette Arnold confronted Boris over the problem of gypsies who don’t have permanent sites.

Open minded Bigg’s did the right thing of admitting faults within his party, and claimed that he thinks that Labour shouldn’t have said there wasn’t enough sites in his area.

Sharp-tongued Boris referred to Bigg’s as “Biggot”, after thanking him for his “attack on the Labour party”.

Boz continued his mocking of Bigg’s later in the meeting as he suggested in reference to Boris Bikes, “Perhaps John will use it one day himself”.  


Conservative politician Victoria Borwick questioned Boz as to why there are so many buses on Oxford Street, when she believed it should be an exclusively “premier shopping area”.

Boz typically replied, “What do you want one to do, blow them up?” I think Boz is forgetting his is in fact Lord Mayor and it is his job to decide what is to be done.

When Borwick suggested a system where buses come into the area, but passengers have to have a ticket to get on at a different stop, Boz mockingly jibed, “So you can arrive but you can’t leave?”

It was though Boz fed off the “audience” laughter, as he kept on going, “we can’t paralyse the bus network!”


So, Boris was accused of bullying, as well as name-calling. He is like a playground prankster. Why, may I ask you, is this man STILL the Mayor of London? Is it because we love watching his shameless expeditions, his camp promotion of Boris bikes or his pantomime villain appeal?  

His blatant criticism of members of the committee was masked by his “endearingly bumbling persona”. His outspoken views and character are perhaps the reason as to why Boris appeals to many people my age, as he was recently voted most popular social media politician.

“Mayor the Boris be with you!”

To read more about Mayor’s Question Time on October 14th, follow this link: http://www.mayorwatch.co.uk/mayor%e2%80%99s-question-time-gags-jibes-and-insults/201012888

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