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Roll up, Roll up… Come see the criminals!

24 Oct

On Tuesday I went along to court to report on a few cases in preparation for my class trip to the Old Bailey.

If there’s ever a time you can’t find anything you fancy on the telly or there’s nothing at the cinema you should do the same. When I asked the lady at reception whether I could go into the public galleries and watch a few cases she said:

“Of corse. Go into one, if you don’t like it go out and watch another!”

So I did just that.

I walked in half way through one particular case which I found extremely confusing and dull (I was hoping for some action). The jury looked ridiculously bored. The criminals were sat behind a glass enclosure, and proceeded to point at my friends and I, which made us feel very uncomfortable.


We decided to ‘switch channels’ and walked into a case where a boy was dealing drugs on his estate. That’s more like it!

The boy was found with a brick sized amount of cannabis in his bag with a street value of £1,400.

A policeman appeared to be on trial for dragging the boy off his bike when he found him. The jittery copper couldn’t get his facts right and was having a bit of a mare. To me, it seemed that he enjoyed the power trip of being able to drag the boy off his bike and search him.

Being a bit of a softy, I pitied the boy. What kind of life must it be at such a young age to be a dealer? He looked frightened and timid, and far too young to be in that situation.

I wonder what the Old Bailey has in store for Tuesday. Half of my group got to watch the case of a cold-blooded murderer who paid hitmen a mere £1,000 a week to kill his wife because she filed for divorce. Eastenders script writers would have lapped it up.

Lost In London

24 Oct

Last week I was flicking through the Big Issue and something really struck me. There’s a section called ‘Missing’ and it has pictures and descriptions of missing people.

What seemed really strange to me was that these people weren’t tear away teens, running away from an unstable home. They look like well-respected adults.

Take Anne Simpson, aged 60, who’s been missing since 2004. Anne is 5ft 1in tall, slim with shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Church goer Gerald Pope aged 45. Keen Liverpool fan Steve Cook who went missing in Malia back in 2005.

How can someone simply disappear?


The Missing People charity helps families of missing people, and also acts as a safe place for people who are pronounced as missing to go for help and advice.

It offers some form of reassurance for friends and family through the ‘reunited’ section.

Click here to find out more about the charity.