Roll up, Roll up… Come see the criminals!

24 Oct

On Tuesday I went along to court to report on a few cases in preparation for my class trip to the Old Bailey.

If there’s ever a time you can’t find anything you fancy on the telly or there’s nothing at the cinema you should do the same. When I asked the lady at reception whether I could go into the public galleries and watch a few cases she said:

“Of corse. Go into one, if you don’t like it go out and watch another!”

So I did just that.

I walked in half way through one particular case which I found extremely confusing and dull (I was hoping for some action). The jury looked ridiculously bored. The criminals were sat behind a glass enclosure, and proceeded to point at my friends and I, which made us feel very uncomfortable.


We decided to ‘switch channels’ and walked into a case where a boy was dealing drugs on his estate. That’s more like it!

The boy was found with a brick sized amount of cannabis in his bag with a street value of £1,400.

A policeman appeared to be on trial for dragging the boy off his bike when he found him. The jittery copper couldn’t get his facts right and was having a bit of a mare. To me, it seemed that he enjoyed the power trip of being able to drag the boy off his bike and search him.

Being a bit of a softy, I pitied the boy. What kind of life must it be at such a young age to be a dealer? He looked frightened and timid, and far too young to be in that situation.

I wonder what the Old Bailey has in store for Tuesday. Half of my group got to watch the case of a cold-blooded murderer who paid hitmen a mere £1,000 a week to kill his wife because she filed for divorce. Eastenders script writers would have lapped it up.


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