Sausage Roll Eating Veggie Fairy

25 Oct

To celebrate National Vegan Week (October 24th-31st) Mercy For Animals are collaborating with a host of restaurants to offer delicious new vegan options during the weeklong celebration.

With Meat free Mondays being introduced in Parliament, it would appear that the amount of vegetarians and vegans is on the rise with a higher demand for more interesting food choices than a cheese salad.

I’ve been veggie all my life, and am sick of the same old choices. I hate scanning the menu to find that the only option is pasta with tomato sauce. It would seem that people are ignorant to the fact that us veggies have a bigger appetite than munching on rabbit food, and the health benefits for making this lifestyle choice are worthy of a post alone!


I joined the Vegetarian Society when I was at uni in Leeds, and really enjoyed the group gatherings. Although, I did sometimes feel like some kind of carnivore being a veggie in comparison with the vegan gang.

The society has such a diverse crowd of people, and offers many different events where like-minded people are able to gather, swap recipes and have fun.

On a visit to a veggie and vegan fair in Newcastle I came across vegan dog food! It’s promising to see that the world is finally accepting that more and more people are choosing not to eat meat, and are accommodating for this.

Although the amount of vegan and veggie restaurants is growing, there is still a widespread misrepresentation. With the rates of childhood obesity, diabetes and other serious diet-related illnesses soaring, giving children access to healthy, plant-based school meals is of vital importance.


Even life-long veggies make the occasional ‘mistake’. It has only happened once and I do hope this never happens again. One Christmas Eve I had a few friends round and my Mum laid out a buffet… including sausage roll’s.

In the spirit of Christmas I had dressed up as a pink fairy, complete with sparkly wings and a wand.

I had a fantastic evening and danced the night away… having a few too much Christmas cheer.

Drunk and ravenous I returned home. I don’t remember what happened next but woke up surrounded by pastry… it was even in my hair.

My Mum came in my room and wondered where the entire plate of sausage rolls had gone. I blamed the cat. She didn’t quite believe me and has told pretty much everyone. Lesson to all veggies: ALWAYS have a cheese roll by your bedside just incase such moments happen.


And on a final note, I thought I’d leave you with a list of things NOT to say to a veggie which I personally find irritating:

  • So, what do you eat then?
  • What do you have for Christmas dinner?
  • Do you eat ham?
  • Do you not think it’s cruel that carrots are killed?
  • I couldn’t live without meat! (Yes you could)
  • Your allowed to eat fish. (I know I’m ‘allowed’ as a human being, but I choose not to. I would not call myself a vegetarian if I did eat it.

4 Responses to “Sausage Roll Eating Veggie Fairy”

  1. Lynette Jordan at 10:04 pm #

    Hi Catherine

    Im a friend of Pat and your mum and im from Glasgow. I loved your articles but this one grabbed me as i too am a veggie – or am i?! because i do eat fish – i do feel a little uneasy about it but somehow i have convinced myself there is a difference between fish and animals. But you are making me think about it so thats a good thing. I look forward to hearing about your journalism course from your mum and i hope you are still enjoying it. Liked your article about John Sopel too. all the best for now


    • Catherine Llewellyn at 10:10 pm #

      Hi Lynette,

      It’s lovely to hear from you, and I’m really pleased that you liked the posts! To be honest, it would probably be a lot easier if I ate fish too, far more choice.

      Mum had a really good time when she went to Scotland with you and Pat.

      I’ll hopefully meet you soon.

      Best Wishes,


  2. Emily Holmes at 8:50 am #

    Aw catry bear! I remember this christmas! I’ve just totally lol’d at this post! As fellow veggie i feel your pain! I feel it somehow bonds us! 😛 The best one ive had is “So do you eat chicken?” “Errrrm, no” “really? but chicken isn’t really meat as such is it?”
    I love the fact veggie’s are being accepted these days! Though you still get a lot of restaurants without even one veggie option and if you ask for the veggie menu you get a “are you joking?” look! xx

  3. Katie Lee at 4:11 pm #

    Vegetarians should probably stay away from a certain pizza building NOT in the shape of a hut… pesky meat!

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