The Power of Letter Writing

1 Nov

During my years at university in Leeds my friend Carly and I exchanged countless letters. I remember turning up at reception to find a huge wrapped bear which she had sent me.

When I worked in Austria throughout the summer I tried to write to her most days. I was a bit of a nomad so didn’t have a fixed address, but on my return she had sent me a parcel full of post cards from throughout the summer. Whenever I read her old letters I often laugh, and it takes me straight back to that time.

Other letters may make you cry; a Dear John for example.


For those jailed around the world for crimes they did not commit, or for simply being a freedom fighter, a letter is quite possibly the best thing they could receive.

Today is the day Amnesty International’s Greeting Card Campaign begins. I urge you to write a letter or a card to one of the 32 listed on the website.

Khun Bedu launched a peaceful protest in Burma and has been arrested for 30 years.

Troy Davis has spent 19 years on death row for a crime many believe he did not commit.

A few words to let them know you care would mean more to them than we could ever imagine.


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