Fascism disguised with a pair of polka dot mouse ears

6 Nov

WALT DISNEY is associated with the likes of Mickey Mouse, Snow White and his fantastic parks around the world.

It's a small world after all, Disneyland Paris


Yet when I typed his name into Google, straight under ‘world, films, quotes, movies’ came the word ‘Nazi’.

The word rings like a funeral bell. It has an uncomfortable harsh sound. After looking on the first few sites a theme occurred: Fascist, racist, anti-Semite.

In Disney’s 1943 short film ‘Der Fuehrer’s Face’ Donald is unmistakably wearing a Nazi uniform. In ‘The Wayward Canary’, 1932, Mickey is seen lighting a cigarette with a swastika painted on the side of his lighter. We may as well Photoshop the famous polka dot ears onto Hitler himself.


Disney’s animator, Art Babbitt, observed first hand the involvement his boss had with the Nazi party:

“In the immediate years before we entered the War there was a small, but fiercely loyal, I suppose legal, following of the Nazi party . . . There were open meetings, anybody could attend and I wanted to see what was going on myself.

“On more than one occasion I observed Walt Disney and [Disney’s lawyer] Gunther Lessing there, along with a lot of prominent Nazi-afflicted Hollywood personalities. Disney was going to meetings all the time”, says Art. (Watch on YouTube)


So how did the ‘happiest place on earth’ Kingdom of Disney World get branded as ‘Mousewitz’, according to the Daily Mail online. Following 3 suicides of Disneyland Paris workers, the place has now been described by workers as “the unhappiest place on earth”. 

William Bowles describes the terrible conditions workers in Haiti who produce Disney pajama’s face:

“In one day (in 1996)… 20 workers earn $66.60, and together they produce 1,000 pairs of pajama.s That is $11,970 worth of pajamas for $66.60. Less than seven cents per pair goes to pay the workers who produced it.  

“Conditions haven’t changed in the seven years since this report was written, in fact, they’ve gotten worse with wages in real terms even lower”, says Bowles.

 Carol Llewellyn says, “Workers who tried to join a union were beaten or ‘disappeared’. If they worked for Disney, they couldn’t bring their own food in. They had to buy from the Disney canteen, and they had to live in Disney housing.”

It’s all profit, profit, profit.


Although Walt Disney died in 1966, his racist tendencies live on. Muslim Disneyland worker, Noor Abdallah, faced war with the organisation as they objected to her headscarf. Noor worked on a ticket booth in the California resort, and rightly refused to work away from the public.

Disgracefully, another worker was offered a Disney costume head-piece as a compromise. I’m sure there is absolutely nowhere in the Muslim religion where women ought to wear a Robin Hood hat. Next, they will be asking priests to give out donuts and milkshake instead of bread and wine.

The worst thing is… I know all this, yet I STILL love the Disneyland experience. I could go every year for the rest of my life and never tire of it. Yet, I will always make sure as I’m queuing up to have my photograph taken with Mickey I will inform all that Walt Disney is indeed a fascist.

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