Couple set up online poll to decide on abortion

20 Nov

For many women who have to go through the traumatic experience of

Mr and Mrs Arnold. Image courtesy of

 abortion, the decision did not come easily.

Some have many nights of mental angst, whilst others are forced into the decision. Regardless, I believe it is a decision that the woman is entitled to.

I understand there are many reasons as to why people have abortions, and believe that extreme pro-life groups should have more empathy for these women going through such a difficult time.

I was horrified watching the “God delusion” on Channel 4 seeing that a member of a pro-life group was glorified for shooting a doctor working in an abortion clinic.

(If you haven’t seen the programme, watch it on 4od.)

Watching British biologist Richard Dawkin interview one of the murderers friends who condoned the shooting sickened me.


However, I’m completely and utterly shocked that an American woman and her husband have conducted an online poll asking readers whether they should have an abortion or not, according to the New York Daily News.

Usually online polls tackle issues such as “do you like Jennifer Lopez’s dress?” or “what is your favourite mid day snack”, but this couple are deciding on the birth of their child over a poll.

Much in the same way Jordan aka Katie Price decided whether to get breast enlargements through a poll in The Sun, (The readers said no, she did it anyway).

At the time of publishing, over 104,000 say the couple should give birth while 25,207 say they should terminate the pregnancy.


The father of the unborn child, Mr Arnold, told New York Daily News,

“We are taking this very seriously. It’s definitely not a pro-life campaign, we believe in a woman’s right to choose — if it’s overwhelming one way or the other, that will carry a lot more weight.”

Watching Mrs Arnold speak on ABC News, she says that she wishes other people have a say in the decision. Surely this decision should be made by the couple, who discuss it between themselves?

These people are doing this seriously, although I must question whether they are trying to shock pro-life groups, who have rightly described the website as “spine chilling”.


I believe the Internet, when not used incorrectly, can attract all the wrong kinds of people. This abortion poll is a classic example. It’s an outlet for people’s warped thoughts and ideas.

The genius Edgar Allan Poe is widely thought to have been a paedophile. Imagine if he had been let loose on the net… Rather than being remembered for The Raven he would have been remembered for his interaction with paedophile circles and such like.

Rather than making the decision of whether to keep their baby, the Arnold’s are using the Internet as an outlet for their disgusting behaviour.

3 Responses to “Couple set up online poll to decide on abortion”

  1. mrtotes at 8:20 pm #

    This couple are either incredibly dense or have never used the internet, possibly both.

    I was to waste tonight sat naked playing with a banana on chatroulette. But instead I’ll spend some time convincing a woman to keep a child she doesn’t want.

    You only have to see how many electric shocks that Russian artist took recently to prove that you can’t trust people thousands of miles away behind a screen.

    I would like to say though that im nor conpleyely down about Internet uses- there are some very kind and generous parts of the Internet – so many forums where millions of users spend hours helping one another but there is no good that can come from this particular poll.

  2. SarahLlewellyn at 10:28 pm #

    I cannot even begin to stress how disgusted I am at these two “people”. I am not even sure I am articulate enough or have the words to put my feelings into the written word. However I will make an attempt. My feelings on abortion have changed dramatically since the birth of my first and only child Harry, 18 months ago. Instead of agreeing with abortion wholeheartedly as I thought, wrongly that a child, if unwanted, could “ruin” a persons life, I now find the prospect and the idea of abortion horrifying and to be completely honest, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, if I was given the chance to raise a child who was going to be aborted, then I would, without a shadow of a doubt, take on this responsibility. People grow, women grow, we all grow as individuals, we are set tasks in life by Goodness knows who or what… is called fate and we should be prepared to accept fate and grow with it. I do not and never, ever will accept that a child should be aborted (I do, however apologise for the use of the word “child” I do not want this to be seen as me trying to sway people) simply because the “parents” made a mistake, had a drunken one night of sex without a condom, or that the woman is a career woman…if you don’t want a child, it is simple in my book. Do not have sex without a condom. If there is an “accident” with the condom…get the morning after pill….prior to that, go on the pill…AND use a condom…AND use the morning after pill…. it really is quite simple.Failing that,get sterilized and get your guy to have the snip too…for EXTRA protection.

    Which brings me on to the matter of aborting a child because it is disabled..I had a boyfriend once who’s wife aborted their baby because it MAY have had Downs Syndrome..the reason for the abortion was simple….a baby with Downs Syndrome would have needed looking after 24 hours a day. I must have missed the fact that babies without Downs are able to be switched off at 6pm every evening and you flick the switch and they suddenly come back to being cute little chubby things at 10.30am the next morning after Jeremy Kyle has finished and you have done your nails, your hair and your washing!! I do believe that yes there are extreme cases where a woman needs to have anabortion…however I can say that even if I was pregnant as a result of rape, I still think I would be reluctant to go through with the abortion.

    A baby is the most stunningly beautiful creation anyone could ever be blessed with…be him or her planned or a surprise. As I said, people grow to accomodate changes in life,life changes, maybe not for the better at 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the morning when you havnt been able to eat for 2 days or washed your hair for a week, but the idea to not only get yourself into this situation as these two have, but then to not even be able to make their minds up alone, as a couple as to if they are going to keep it or not beggars belief…come to think of it….would the child be better off without those two as parents..I think the USA could be doing this baby a favour if they “vote” for the abortion….or pass them my number, I will make that baby the happiest little thing alive, it would have a better life with me than it would with them..or Madonna!

    • kevin at 11:02 pm #

      My youngest Daughter was only 16 when she fell pregnant, at first i was disgusted/hurt/betrayed, because i tried to bring her up to be carefull. She decided to keep the baby, i am so pleased as she gave me my first grand-child. my views have radically changed since my daughter told me she wanted to go through with the pregnancy. !!months later she had another baby a boy this time. I love both of them & pleased she did’nt terminate them. please think about what you are doihg!!.

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