Take Thee to the Scottish Mountain!

5 Dec

M&S Scottish Water

I always thought bottled water was a total con. Why pay when you can get it free from the tap?

Yet when I moved to London, the impurities of the polluted city soon set in and I didn’t feel my usual self. Let’s just say London is not deemed the ‘Big Smoke’ for nothing. Loreal just wasn’t doing its usual tricks and my aromatherapy pillow spray just could not get me to sleep.

“Maybe it’s the water?” a friend suggested.

It seemed that it had been affecting everyone else after a discussion with the International students in my flat.

Admittedly, I didn’t expect to contract cholera from London water, but it didn’t stop me from heading straight to M&S and stocking up on the most Northern water I could get my hands on.

Scottish mountain water, the furthest I could get from the Thames. I bought so many bottles I was approached numerous times on the way to the counter from worried onlookers asking if I needed a helping hand.

Ever since, I’ve been drinking from that Scottish mountain and feel wonderful. My conscience is slightly flawed by the amount of plastic I’m using up, but I ALWAYS reuse carrier bags so it kind of evens itself out.

It’s sad to think that I am being so selective just because my hair doesn’t feel as glossy when there are people in third world countries with very little access to safe drinking water of any kind. Much of the Zimbabwe capital, Harare, is without drinking water with 425 people dying from Cholera in recent months (cited from the BBC Online).


One Response to “Take Thee to the Scottish Mountain!”

  1. Stefanie Soehnchen December 6, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    Hey there,

    you’re totally right about the hair – and the skin?
    And everytime I have to take a sip of tab water to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth and it smells of a swimming pool… it’s just urgh.

    You’re right about the last point, too.
    But we’ve got to deal with stuff we’re confronted with
    right here, don’t you think?

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