Wealthy Banker Stands Up For Taxpayers… Hmm…

11 Jan

Even the name screams ‘money’, Bob Diamond stood up for us all today and said “It’s not OK for tax payers to bail out banks”.

Refreshing… considering he is the global chief executive of Barclay’s and is on an annual wage of £1.35 million. During a time of recession when thousands have faced job cuts, Diamond has been rewarded with a £8million bonus.

Barclay’s make around £1billion a year from its web of financial schemes which help it avoid tax in Britain and abroad, so Diamond is in the perfect position to be condemning other banks. I’m sure if he had been working for the likes of Lloyds bank his tune would be rather different.

I took to the streets of Harrow and stood outside Barclay’s bank today to see what its customers thought of their Diamonds huge bonus during a time of recession and slanderous comments towards other banks.


“Immoral… it’s disgusting”, said one customer.

There was a general theme of discontent. However, what shocked me the most was that a large number of people in Harrow thought it was a perfectly reasonable bonus.

“They need the right man for the job, and he deserves rewarding”, said one passer-by, who happened to work in finance. Others admitted defeat, and accepted that this was how things were in banking. One man said he thought the money should go to charities, “nobody needs £8million.”

Diamond says the amount is ‘appropriate’, and whilst he waived his bonus this year, the time for ‘gestures’ has past. It would seem three ghosts did not visit Mr Diamond on Christmas Eve night.


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