Amy Toolan: The One To Watch

23 Jan

Soulful Irish songstress Amy Toolan velvety voice has the power of Alanis Morissette, the enthral of Florence Welch and the charm of Bat For Lashes.

Musically mature, the twenty year old singer and guitar player offers a mix of fresh and emotionally mesmerizing songs, with some ambitious covers ranging from MGMT to Adele. Each cover is given Amy’s unique twist, and whilst she’s chosen a more reflective, refined path for her original songs, she’s not afraid to cover hits such as Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

Amy showcases her talents with vocal gymnastics combined with simple chords in her original work. She releases her intoxicating mist with ‘Lover in Kind’, which is the song you wish had been written before the first time you had your heart broken, whilst Wait For No one has a huge dollop of folky girl power.

Perfect listening for: Having a pint in the pub, working to, dreaming by the sea, relaxing with a glass of wine… In fact, whatever mood you’re in, this girl will make you feel something.


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