A Royal Affair

26 Feb

On Wednesday I interviewed the Royal family’s number 1 fan.

From the moment my friend and I walked down her street we knew straight away which house was Margaret Tylers; the one with the pottery pictures of each member of the Royal family outside.

From a quick peek through the window I thought the Queen and co were smiling back at me, until I realised it was indeed life size models of the Windsors.

Every possible space in Margaret’s house is decorated with Royal memorabilia, from Charles and Diana slippers to her 15,000 book collection, all totalling to a regal £40,000. Margaret even has a throne just like the Queen.


Margaret has become quite the celeb as of late, with an American television network approaching her to commentate on the upcoming Royal wedding. Japanese and German tourists alike flock to marvel at Margaret’s museum like collection.

Unfortunately Brent Council have refused planning permission to build a William and Kate conservatory. Personally, I believe Margaret deserves a room at Buckingham Palace to store her future Royal purchases.


Margaret will be hosting a street party prior to the event, as she will be busy on the day reporting from Westminster Abbey. Her genuine excitement for the event was utterly charming; I particularly enjoyed her recollection of meeting Diana, “she tossed her head back and said ‘you’ve got it bad!’”

My socialist background hardly makes me the obvious Royalist, yet spending half an hour in Margaret’s company made me want to don a Union Jack and sing God Save the Queen!


2 Responses to “A Royal Affair”

  1. mrtotes March 3, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    I find all such serious obsessions a little bit creepy – but this is definitely several steps up the sanity scale from the lady who collects used tea-bags (http://bit.ly/weird_teabags)

    I’m broadly in favour of our royals – whilst they are an irrelevance in terms of political power – we shouldn’t underestimate the value of our culture and traditions and the identity it gives us.

    • Catherine Llewellyn March 9, 2011 at 12:05 am #

      Omg I have got to see this lady who collects tea-bags! Although some people are weird and wonderful, I think this is what makes our world tick!

      Whilst I’m not in favour in a lot of what some of the Royals do, I could agree with you on that, it’s good to have identity, although the history of the royal family and their connections to the country are very loose.

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