Strawberries and Champagne: Picnic Essentials

24 May

It’s the last weekend of the merry merry month of May, where I spent the first weekend in the rose gardens of Hampton Court and watched Morris dancers by a huge wine fountain.
I spent the afternoon in a lovely tipsy haze in the sunshine listening to mock Tudors reciting courtly love poetry.

I plan to spend the last weekend of May at Baby Harry’s birthday soiree, and perhaps a picnic on Bank Holiday Monday. Here is my list of spring picnic essentials, including the inevitable large umbrella. This is the Veggie lazy girls guide… why waste a minute of strawberry and champagne related fun spent slaving over a stove?

A large wicker basket. For the ultimate in picnic chic invest in Chanel pink wicker with a heart lock. Stick with the Chanel theme and opt for a pale blue and white gingham cloth ala Cannes.

Banoffee Cupcakes – Wrap cakes in greaseproof paper and tie with string.

Elderflower cordial.

Bite size cherry scones with small pots of strawberry jam and cream.

Strawberries in a bit of caster sugar… keep the juice for the champagne.

If the French market is in town pick up some colourful macaroons or some homemade meringue to have with the stawberries .

Breadsticks with red pepper houmous.

Raspberry and Vanilla cheesecake.

Olive bread with olive oil and balsamic

Summer salad with runner beans, peas, broad beans, cucumber and a herb vinaigrette.

Toasted almonds.

Summer champagne cocktail:

1 part fresh grapefruit juice
1 part Grand Marnier
2 dashes of rose water
Shake well, strain into a wine glass and top up with Champagne


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