Eye for an Eye

25 May

Does wrong + wrong = Right?

Iranian authorities have ordered a doctor to pour acid into the eyes of Majid Movahedi, as a punishment for blinding Ameneh Bahrami in the same way.

It seems to call upon the barbaric tortures of medieval England. And as we have seen from history, this does not work. People don’t see such things as an example; they are simply being exposed to more violence, seeing it as the norm. America has the death penalty, but does this stop criminals committing murder? I can’t believe that in 2011 such things are happening in the world.

Granted, what Movahedi did was unbelievably horrific. Yet the Iranian authorities have a responsibility under International Law not to go ahead with such a punishment.

Obliging a doctor to go ahead with such punishment is reminiscent of the terrible human experiments carried out by doctors in Nazi Germany.

There have been many accounts suggesting that this kind of crime is the outcome of the society in which Majid Movahedi lives. Yet, sadly the same thing happened in England to Katie Piper, who is still beautiful inside and out.

Personally, I can’t think of a suitable punishment for such a crime. All I know is that torture is not the answer.


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  1. An eye for an eye? « Lulu in London - May 26, 2011

    […] Although courts have granted her permission to drop acid into Movahedi’s eyes, an international outcry from human rights groups and governments has postponed the punishment. My colleague wrote an interesting blog which can be read here in opposition to the ruling. […]

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