Wizard of Odd

25 May

I simply cannot wait for Helen Bonham Carter to play Miss Havisham in Great Expectations; a combination of my favourite actress and one of my favourite books.

Miss Havisham, along with ‘Danny’ from Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ has always been one of my favourite characters in English Literature.

Both wonderfully wicked, I recall lying in an Austrian bed laughing out loud at Danny with her ‘skeleton skull’, although I’m pretty sure ‘Rebecca’ isn’t supposed to be a comedy. The unnamed protagonist is incredibly boring, as they so often are. I became particuarly fond of Rebecca when she turned out to be so layered.

I know Helena will portray Miss Havisham’s eccentricity perfectly in Great Expectations. I can’t wait to see her forcing little Pip to push her round her house in a chair as she shouts lurid comments in her fading wedding dress. Whilst Helena’s been the subject of many ‘worst dressed lists’ I personally applaud her individuality and beauty.

I think I’m going through a Dicken’s phase at the moment. I’ve chosen to centre my dissertation for my Masters on his journalistic work. I really believe that he was a crusader for the kind of social investigative journalists we see in programmes such as Unreported World; an exposure of the poverty and suffering that the wealthier classes have no insight.

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