Miracle Star

27 May

A dog has been found in Malta buried alive up to his nose, with forty pellet shots to the head and his weak limbs tied together.

Amazingly, the dog has survived. His rescuers named him ‘Star’. There is now a worldwide campaign to find the perpetrator.

In my opinion, anyone capable of inducing such pain on a dog is capable of inflicting injury on humans. To torture the dog, before burying it assuming it would die a slow and painful death takes mediated cruelty.

As it stands in Malta, animal cruelty crimes are sentenced to a maximum of 1 year imprisonment. Yet, I think that the criminal(s) behind this could be more than capable of far worse.

Twenty potential owners are currently willing to open their homes to Star. After so much trauma he will require lots of love and attention.

I hope that Star ends up in a happy home, where the love of his new family will help fade the memories of suffering his has endured.


2 Responses to “Miracle Star”

  1. graysn55 May 27, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    If you ever held out any hope for humanity , this article will make you despair for it.From personal experience we are more likely to get exercised about animal cruelty and suffering in this country than many other parts of the world but we still have our share of sick individuals who are capable of similar acts. Let’s hope that somebody comes forward to redress the balance for this poor animal.

    • Catherine Llewellyn May 27, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

      I hope somebody comes forward too!

      It’s true… the recent horrible stories in the news about all the cats in one cul de sac being killed, it’s so sad.

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