Chavtastic Snob

5 Jun

The word ‘chav’ has had a lot of scrutiny over the past few weeks.

Pippa Middleton mockingly dressed as a chav during her university years. As did I.

Some argue that the word is a middle class term invented to sneer at the working class. I initially found this to be the usual overreacting PC behaviour we see so often in the media.

For example, last night my brother and I were mocking the racist Prince Philip. His comments are so ludicrous, he’s actually a joke. Yet, we could be accused of laughing at the subject of racism itself, which of course we weren’t.

When someone says the word ‘paki’ it is as though they’ve spat it out. It truly revolts me. Yet I’ve never thought twice about using the word ‘chav’.

But when I decided to try and describe what ‘chav’ means, it became painstakingly obvious how snobby the word is.

Unlike many peoples illusion of chavs, I’ve never associated the term with ‘working class’; anyone can be a chav. The wealthier chav is in their element, with their pick of Lipsy and nail jewels to Burberry and sovereign rings.

When I dressed as a chav for a fancy dress night I wore large pieces of tacky gold jewellery, a tracksuit, lots of fake tan and my ponytail on top of my head. Quite shameful; such blatant mockery.

Yet I always feel dismay when I hear that politicians have used the word in ridicule. They act as though the subjects they deem as ‘chavs’ are in no position to better themselves. But we only need to look at The Only Way Is Essex to disprove this theory. We don’t look at working class comedies from decades ago such as The Likely Lads and sneeringly say ‘chav’.

Because just as there are goths and emo’s, chav culture is a trend.

So maybe I’ll thing again before using labels.


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