The Sunday Night Blues

4 Jul

I’m sure this is something most people have experienced. It’s a Sunday night; you’ve been out for a few the night before and slept it off all day Sunday.

If you’re morning self had known how you’re evening self would feel, they wouldn’t have slept for so long.

But now you’re wide awake. Nothings on the telly – it’s a Sunday night after all. You’ve read all the papers… and it’s 2 in the morning. You have work the next day.

Everyone in the right mind is asleep. It’s a hot summers night and you’re tossing and turning. Lonely, and irritable.

Last night I had the Sunday blues and decided that the best thing to do would be to lose myself in Dracula’s modern day world through The Historian.

I kept telling myself that I would feel better the next day, and the mixture of a hangover and insomnia will have lifted. I’d worn high heals too painful to walk in and had a slight slippage. When I say ‘slight’, my mum who’s a nurse took one look at my injured leg and said, “I feel sick”.

Now it’s a Monday morning and I’ve made my Sunday self numerous promises that I won’t put myself through that again… No huge sleep in, no ridiculous heals and no wine.

From now on I’ll make lovely plans for Sunday evenings, keep Horlicks in the cupboard for that dreaded insomnia and spend my Saturday evenings researching Dickens.

But try telling next Saturdays self that, I’m sure she’ll find that amusing.


One Response to “The Sunday Night Blues”

  1. hannahb21 July 14, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Totally afree with everything in this blog! we’ve all been there Saturday night self has a great time, sunday morning self gets annoyed saturdays self ruined sunday!

    such a bittersweet day… chilled sunday roast, maybe a nice walk with the dog but work the next day and sometimes tiny issue of a horrific hangover.

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