UCAS application numbers show 7.4% drop for UNITE Group

31 Jan

UNITE Group revealed UCAS student application numbers for 2012/13 yesterday, which confirmed a 7.4% drop in applications and met previously announced expectations of a 5-10% fall.

583,546 students applied for university places in 2011, compared with 540, 073 in 2012.

The student accommodation group said they do not expect the decline in applicants to translate in actual student numbers, and remained confident of achieving a rental growth of 3-4% for the year. The reduction in applications means that 2012/13 numbers are broadly in line with those of two years ago, for the 2010/11 academic year.

University places have continued to outride supply by approximately 32%, which means 156,000 students will fall short of a place. UNITE conducted research in December 2011 for 2012 applicants which showed 79% of students were willing to pay an increase on tuition fees for good academic reputation.

Whilst the number of UK applicants has decreased by 8.7%, non-EU students continue to see the appeal of UK universities, as figures show an increase of 13.7%. International students are a key customer segment for UNITE, and this continuing trend supports the Group’s business model and customer acquisition strategy.

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