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Modern Day Frank Abagnale

16 Nov

He conned three national newspapers out of hundreds of thousands of

Image sourced from hollywoodjesus.com Leonardo Di Caprio as Frank Abagnale

pounds. He used his mother’s inheritance money to buy state of the art computer equipment and a library of fraud books.

He fantasised about Catch Me If You Can’s Frank Abagnale. He lived an extravagant lifestyle, chauffer driven everywhere. He had a string of offices which he would abandon as soon as the bailifs arrived. All before the age of 15.

Although the bogus newspaper advert came out in 2005, The Telegraph is obviously still very bitter about the fact that a boy tainted their ‘trustworthy’ status.


On a visit to The Telegraph headquaters yesterday, Seamus Mulvihill, compliance officer, gave a talk on the power of advertising in the newspaper.

Asking us to guess how much of the paper is adverts, people shouted out, “30%” and “20%”, the reality being a whopping 68%. The adverts don’t come cheap, with a one page ad amounting to £55, 000.

When the young man placed the advert selling Dyson hovers for £99, hundreds of readers replied sending cheques and bank account details.  

When the goods didn’t arrive, he would string them along, offering a refund in 120 days if the products still failed to show up. “He even answered critics in the chatrooms and posed as satisfied customers”.  (The Independant)

The Independant online, who were also affected, petitioned a ‘Crime Watch’ style call out to all those conned.

“When the boy was sentenced the judge said, ‘Young man, you are going to go far in life but you need a little guidance'”, according to Seamus.