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Think before you label

11 Nov

I am at a complete loss for words regarding a truly disgusting

KKK Uniform. Image courtesy of americanhistory.si.edu

backlash as a result of an incident which happened today.

During the two-minute silence a small group of protesters styling themselves Muslims Against Crusades, burned a model of a poppy. May I stress the word ‘small’. This is obviously NOT a representation of Muslim people as a whole.

Almost instantly a group was set up on Facebook condoning blatant racial hatred, attracting 165,066 people in one day.

Whilst I obviously thought what this small group of people did was deeply disrespectful, it seems like another excuse for ignorant, hooligan EDL and BNP to inflict hatred on innocent Muslim people, many of who joined the masses today in the 2 minute silence, and are equally horrified by these extremists.


Let’s put this into perspective. The Klu Klux Klan claim to be Christian. Therefore, would all Native American people say, “Get out of our country, you Christian scum!”, because of some of the dreadful violence the KKK condone? 

There have been a handful of priests who have turned out to be paedophiles. Does this make all Catholic people paedophiles?

A Christian extremist shot a doctor who worked in an abortion clinic. Does that mean ALL Christian people are murderers?

So how dare people put the ‘terrorist’ label on Muslim people.


Ignorance? I used to work in a mens clothes shop in Leeds with an older woman and a Muslim man my age. We all got on really well, and the older woman showed no signs of obvious racial hatred.

One day, she turned to the man and said in her broad Leeds accent, “Ooooh, there’s one of your lot in the paper!”, tossing the paper to the man.

The headline was about Muslim extremists.

The young man and I laughed it off at the time, the woman was so ignorant and had absolutely no insight into how her words could have offended.

Should we allow ‘ignorance’ as an excuse? What about when people start to act upon it? When Hitler used his fantastic public speaking skills on his ‘ignorant’ band of followers, the outcome was dire. Is ignorance really bliss?


Masters student Alfiaz Vaiya says, “How ironic and sad that on the day we remember those that have fought for democracy, peace and tolerance two Muslim men decided to burn poppies which resulted in hoards of anti Muslim messages on social networks and anti Muslim rhetoric in the major Tabloid newspapers tomorrow. Furthermore today saw another suicide bomb killing hundreds in Karachi”, adds Alfiaz.

“The message is that it is not only the western world suffering from terrorism and extremism. Innocent Muslims are dying, we can not forget this not Muslims but a few idiots who use this great religion to promote their propaganda and agenda.

It is unfair to label all Muslims as terrorist. The three monotheistic faith share the same values, ethics although their religious school of thoughts differ. As a community whether we are White, Brown, Black, Muslim, Christian, Jew or Atheist we should come together and embrace pluralism and show a united front that we will no be scared nor let these sick extremists win and not let the far right take advantage of this situation.

On the week Angela Merkel pronounced multiculturalism as dead and how Muslim beliefs and western society value are incompatible we must get together and show that it is not dead. Britain is a fantastic example of how multiculturalism works. I for one am proud to be British and Muslim and the last time I checked they both worked for me”.

Thanks Alfiaz for your contribution.