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James Bond Villain meets Medieval Torturer

31 Oct

King Kadyrov: Warrior King or satirical oppressor? Doting husband or fierce woman-hater? Hero of Chechen people or evil dictator?

The Russian president inflicts terror and invites praise alike. Friend of boxer Mike Tyson, Kadyrov has been accused of torture and murder, yet is also celebrated amongst his people for his generosity.

 He’s the man with a tiger and lion as pets, who throws the equivalent of £20 bills amongst crowds of people, and gets his workers to fire paint at women who aren’t dressed modestly enough for his standards.

Not the man to mess with, Kadyrov has been known to unleash his animals on a reporter who he claimed “writes incorrectly about me”.


With his love for Che Guevara hats and rapper gold chains, you could be mistaken for seeing Kadyrok as a figure of satire.

However, after saying that women are “the property of men”, it’s hard to see the funny side.  He banned gambling and forces women to dress modestly, yet supposedly rendez vous with prostitutes.

He is thought to have ordered the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya for her investigations into human-rights abuses in Chechnya. Kadyrok is also believed to have dungeons beneath his home where he oversees horrific torture.

A rare interview with The Independent had Kadyrok denying the allegations:

“Why would I have killed her?” he says, in heavily accented Russian (Chechen is his first language). ” She used to write bad things about my father, and if I had wanted to, I could have done something bad to her at that time. Why now?” He said she would have been better off staying at home as a housewife. 

It is terrifying to think this cruel man has so much power. Many believe he should have his power aborted and stand trial for his alleged crimes.

Let’s just hope the self-obsessed Kadyrok doesn’t Google his name, find this post and set his tiger on me.