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Couple set up online poll to decide on abortion

20 Nov

For many women who have to go through the traumatic experience of

Mr and Mrs Arnold. Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

 abortion, the decision did not come easily.

Some have many nights of mental angst, whilst others are forced into the decision. Regardless, I believe it is a decision that the woman is entitled to.

I understand there are many reasons as to why people have abortions, and believe that extreme pro-life groups should have more empathy for these women going through such a difficult time.

I was horrified watching the “God delusion” on Channel 4 seeing that a member of a pro-life group was glorified for shooting a doctor working in an abortion clinic.

(If you haven’t seen the programme, watch it on 4od.)

Watching British biologist Richard Dawkin interview one of the murderers friends who condoned the shooting sickened me.


However, I’m completely and utterly shocked that an American woman and her husband have conducted an online poll asking readers whether they should have an abortion or not, according to the New York Daily News.

Usually online polls tackle issues such as “do you like Jennifer Lopez’s dress?” or “what is your favourite mid day snack”, but this couple are deciding on the birth of their child over a poll.

Much in the same way Jordan aka Katie Price decided whether to get breast enlargements through a poll in The Sun, (The readers said no, she did it anyway).

At the time of publishing, over 104,000 say the couple should give birth while 25,207 say they should terminate the pregnancy.


The father of the unborn child, Mr Arnold, told New York Daily News,

“We are taking this very seriously. It’s definitely not a pro-life campaign, we believe in a woman’s right to choose — if it’s overwhelming one way or the other, that will carry a lot more weight.”

Watching Mrs Arnold speak on ABC News, she says that she wishes other people have a say in the decision. Surely this decision should be made by the couple, who discuss it between themselves?

These people are doing this seriously, although I must question whether they are trying to shock pro-life groups, who have rightly described the website as “spine chilling”.


I believe the Internet, when not used incorrectly, can attract all the wrong kinds of people. This abortion poll is a classic example. It’s an outlet for people’s warped thoughts and ideas.

The genius Edgar Allan Poe is widely thought to have been a paedophile. Imagine if he had been let loose on the net… Rather than being remembered for The Raven he would have been remembered for his interaction with paedophile circles and such like.

Rather than making the decision of whether to keep their baby, the Arnold’s are using the Internet as an outlet for their disgusting behaviour.