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Underrated Style Queen

10 Nov

Alexa, the Olsens, Daisy Lowe, Sienna… There’s a new girl in town, and she’s been doing it a lot longer than all of you!

The lady channelling this seasons trends is no other than Elizabeth Windsor (Not to be confused with Helen Mirron).

Not only is she now on Facebook, Liz is now giving the fash pack a run for their Louboutin’s.

Whilst magazine’s such as Grazia have been preaching to its readers to invest in some faux fur, Liz has been doing it for years. Whether it’s a subtle fur collar trim or a glamorous short white fur for a big ceremony, she’s wearing it.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk


Liz also channeled the scarlet trend on a recent trip to Slovenia, remaining regal with a matching hat .

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

With the autumnal British weather heavily upon us, Selfridges on Bond Street have devoted an entire window display to Hunters Wellington boots, worn by every fashionista at the summer festivals. My sister and I jumped on the band wagon in recent months and have been sporting the ‘great british outdoors’ look. Liz has been wearing hers for years.


Sarah Llewellyn with Harry David

Celebs in Hunters. Courtesy of shoe-box.com


Liz took gothic vamp to a whole new level when meeting the Gaga recently. Most of us stuck with lace detailing on our play suits and luxurious black velvet, but Liz pulled out all the shots with a floor length black sparkly gown and glove combo.

Image courtesy of fashionmagazine-best.com

This season you’ll be hard pushed to escape the camel trend, and who would want to? The colour flatters everyone, and is the new grey, black, white…

Image courtesy of kenw2dtc.com

Accessorize your look with pearls, an antique brooch (vintage), a disgusted expression (your above all this daaaahling) and Obama. Drink tea, eat cucumber sandwiches, save up for a sparkly crown to complete your look.

Next weeks underrated style icon… Ronnie Corbett