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“Free Rent For Rubbing”

20 Nov

When looking for short-term accommodation, many of us turn to Gumtree which has litrally everything you need from housing to jobs.

Image courtesy of the BBC

 And more.

Imagine a young students excitement at finding accommodation in the heart of London for £10 a month. £10!! Surely it would be a rat infested hole? Yet the images look nice, with plush furniture and an ideal setting.

So, what’s the catch? The flat is yours if your willing to do a couple of ‘favours’ for the wealthy landlord. And when I say ‘favours’ I don’t mean walking his dogs.

You may assume its prostitutes going for this kind of deal, but it happens to be poor students who are desperate to go to university but have no way to pay their fees.


A Sidney landlord posted a “serious” advertisement on the website back in 2009 causing controversy as he offered free rent in exchange for “a lot of rubbing”. (cited from MSN News)

Here is how his price list appeared:

  • No rubbing but cleaning, cooking and shopping: $100 per week
  • No rubbing, but either cleaning cooking or shopping: $150 per week
  • No rubbing, cleaning, cooking or shopping: $200 per week

What an amazing deal! What’s more, all bills were included, minus “oils”.

Gumtree only took down the ad when it caused media attention. Would they have left it up there if it hadn’t caused such uproar?


Whilst searching for accommodation during the summer, I stumbled across a wonderful deal. £55 a week in a nice part of Leeds, all bills included.

Initially, I assumed someone must have died there. However, the landlord seemed really friendly, and understandably urging in his manner to rent out the property.

He claimed to be living in Ireland, and was therefore unable to come and show us round the house, but said that his “lawyer” would show us around.

His replies were instant, and before long he became more and more urgent, trying to get us to pay through a number over the phone. Other landlords tend to go through an estate agents, and I was used to paying through a course of cheques or direct debit so this seemed very strange.

Out of curiously we rang the number, and eventually realised that the whole thing was a scam. He was basically asking for us to transfer money directly into his account in Ireland.

Fortunately the lady we got through to in the bank said she had recognised the case, however many naive people may fall victim to it.

 Particularly people renting property for the first time or immigrants who may not understand the correct way of renting property.


Basically, when looking for somewhere to live use your common sence, no matter how much someone asks don’t give in to a cheap deal in exchange for rubbing and go through an estate agents.