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Chanel, Warhol and Bardot: The Greater Evils

26 May

Andy Warhol's Mickey Mouse: Whose creator 'Disney' was a Nazi

I’ve come to the realisation that amongst the things I most admire in the world of art, I also have a deep loathing for the creators.

Aside from Edie Sedgwick, another icon I adore is Brigitte Bardot. The timeless southern French style, the bed hair so loved by Sienna et all, and the curves that attracted the cult-like following.

Andy Warhol sits comfortably at the top of my artist hierarchy; the man is a genius. Since I was very young I have collected Andy Warhol prints, from the shoe cards I picked up in Chicago, to the images of the man himself larking around that I found in an Austrian museum.

Chanel epitomises elegance with the basic yet luxurious silhouettes, and the iconic interlocking C’s which so many lust after.

I loved Bardot’s birthday message to Sophia Loren:

“I wish a happy birthday to Sophia Loren, my splendid twin, and I ask her to stop wearing fur – that is the best gift she could offer me.”

Yet alongside Bardot’s work for animal rights, she also happens to be a raging racist. In 2004 she was fined for inciting racial hatred in a book where she aired her disgusting views on acial mixing, immigration, the role of women in politics and Islam. She is also reportedly homophobic. Sarah Palin… here’s your match.

Andy Warhol refused to help his friend Edie from her own self destruction, resulting in her break down and tragic fate. He even refused to acknowledge their friendship years after her death, saying “it was just so long ago. I hardly knew her at all.” As an Edie fan, I found Guy Pearce’s portray of the artist in Factory Girl disturbingly cold, yet sadly accurate.

Coco Chanel was a Nazi sympathiser, who had a relationship with Nazi officer Hans Gunther von Dincklage. As much as I loved reading about the Cannes Chanel show, it’s hard to shun the fact that the lady behind the name spent the second world war in the snug bosom of the far right. After all, it was those in the Nazi-infested Ritz who bought her perfume. After the war, Coco and her perfumes went into exile in Switzerland; she most certainly wasn’t wanted at home.

Yet with this knowledge I’m reluctant to say that I still adore Coco Mademoiselle; the perfume that reminds me of going on holiday, spraying it liberally all over my coat in duty free at the age of 12 with the early established connection of luxury.

When I last got my haircut I asked for a ‘Bardot’, and when I visited the Tate a couple of months ago my heart skipped as I came across some Warhol goodies in the shop.

How far can we allow the actions of our idols influence how we view their art?

Should we always condemn their evil, or is it wrong to break the wounds?

A Nation Of Angry Women

12 Nov

Still aggravated regarding issues stated in my last post, I have a new

Image courtesy of democracyforum.co.uk

issue to debate/rant about.

The number of members in the racial hatred group on Facebook triggered by today’s poppy incident has now risen to 158, 763 and there is one thing which I, perhaps wrongly, find most alarming: The amount of women.

I may be totally contradicting my previous posts. I praise gender equality in all forms, yet feel more disturbed by the extremely aggressive attacks against Muslims from women in the group than the men.

A glamorous picture of a girl appears on the group alongside her brutal attack, “cover yourself in petrol and lie in fire”. She has continued to attack opposers of the group, using the ‘c’ word (sooo unladylike), and targeting people’s looks.

I had the same feeling when I went to an EDL demo in Bolton, obviously on the opposing side. The mass of hooligan men was broken by the odd female, and I strangely felt more loathing for her than the men. They were a sea of skin heads, but her disgusting smirk stood out. The image is of one girl I saw at the demo, to put it politely she literally made me feel sick.


Why? I can’t even answer myself. It’s the same as when we hear about female paedophiles or women who kill children. Women are classically nurturing, comforting, soft… when we are confronted with this band of ‘evil’ women we are disturbed. 

Perhaps, as a very feminine woman I feel that I am able to relate with other women, therefore feel utterly thrown when there is such a ‘flaw’ in the make up, as these women have shown.


On another note I feel completely different when it comes to female cheaters. The recent uproar over the love rats on the England squad was mainly due to the effect it had on the team’s performance at the World Cup.

Wayne Rooney had an affair numerous times whilst his wife was pregnant. People didn’t really care. When (then) single Sienna Miller dated married Balthazar she got completely and utterly slated, with lunatics going as far as writing “slag” on her wall.

Why didn’t people do this to Wayne? This treatment of gender is utterly unfair, and maybe I have displayed it in my initial discussion. I’m not condoning what Sienna did but the hatred displayed towards her by the press was ludicrous.

Underrated Style Queen

10 Nov

Alexa, the Olsens, Daisy Lowe, Sienna… There’s a new girl in town, and she’s been doing it a lot longer than all of you!

The lady channelling this seasons trends is no other than Elizabeth Windsor (Not to be confused with Helen Mirron).

Not only is she now on Facebook, Liz is now giving the fash pack a run for their Louboutin’s.

Whilst magazine’s such as Grazia have been preaching to its readers to invest in some faux fur, Liz has been doing it for years. Whether it’s a subtle fur collar trim or a glamorous short white fur for a big ceremony, she’s wearing it.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk


Liz also channeled the scarlet trend on a recent trip to Slovenia, remaining regal with a matching hat .

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

With the autumnal British weather heavily upon us, Selfridges on Bond Street have devoted an entire window display to Hunters Wellington boots, worn by every fashionista at the summer festivals. My sister and I jumped on the band wagon in recent months and have been sporting the ‘great british outdoors’ look. Liz has been wearing hers for years.


Sarah Llewellyn with Harry David

Celebs in Hunters. Courtesy of shoe-box.com


Liz took gothic vamp to a whole new level when meeting the Gaga recently. Most of us stuck with lace detailing on our play suits and luxurious black velvet, but Liz pulled out all the shots with a floor length black sparkly gown and glove combo.

Image courtesy of fashionmagazine-best.com

This season you’ll be hard pushed to escape the camel trend, and who would want to? The colour flatters everyone, and is the new grey, black, white…

Image courtesy of kenw2dtc.com

Accessorize your look with pearls, an antique brooch (vintage), a disgusted expression (your above all this daaaahling) and Obama. Drink tea, eat cucumber sandwiches, save up for a sparkly crown to complete your look.

Next weeks underrated style icon… Ronnie Corbett