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No fat app for me, thanks

11 Nov

Deputy editor of the Times online visited university on Tuesday to

Ipad App. Image courtesy of paidcontent.co.uk

discuss pay wall, Ipad apps and advancing media.

Tom Whitwell explained the benefits of joining the Times online – for those who didn’t know you have to pay for this service now. But, hey! The colour scheme is loads better now apparently, an advancement from the “horrible lime green with hand-cropped pictures”, as Tom described.

What’s not to love?

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking, ‘Why would I pay for this when hundreds, if not thousands, of news outlets are offering the service for free?”

Tom pointed out that one of the problems is people from other news outlets will pay for the service, then use the Times as a source, i.e. “The Times online reports that…”

Even if every major British news outlet jumped on the band wagon, there would still be “1,400 websites offering it for free”.


Maybe I have just got so used to having the service for free, therefore am resenting paying. The service is fantastic for those Ipad users who buy the app, which is apparently “as close to the real newspaper as it can get”, according to Tom.

As a forefront of Team Blackberry, this did not appeal to me. I’m not a huge fan of this ‘app culture’. My understanding of the app world is that there is one where you can upload your photograph and it will make you obese, and another where it can monitor your sleep, which you can then upload onto Facebook. Erm… I think I’ll pass.


Another benefit of the new Times Online is the 24 hour customer service live chat, where you can raise issues, such as your annoyance at the pages crashing on your Ipad. Well, I’m almost certain this problem has never occurred with an actual newspaper.

 At 4 in the morning I have never felt the urge to rant “The ink from this paper is making my hands dirty! The pages are slightly too big, not comfortable for a bed time read!”

Yet we are living in the world of ‘customer service’, with that mantra “the customer is always right”. Now, would you like to fill in this form telling me how the blog went for you today… a) You liked it, b) You found it average, c) It bored you… How do you think I could improve in the future… a)… and so on…